Founded in 1895 and located in Munich (Germany) being one of the most ancient and prestigious German schools, Doemens Academy is an institution dedicated to education and consultancy, strongly directed to the beer business, which operates globally with international recognition and reputation. In 2004, Doemens pioneered presenting the first professional beer sommelier course in the world. This course, which consists in two weeks of full-time lessons, aims to be a guide of orientation in beer production and introduction to gastronomy, among other aspects as sales, distribution and commercialisation. The course is oriented to professional teachers in hotel business and tourism schools teaching subjects related to the brewing industry, and to those already introduced in brewing who want to improve and complete their knowledge about it.


Cilene Saorin

The course is given in Spanish by Ms. Cilene Saorin, prestigious Beer Sommelier, certified by Doemens for its courses in Europe and America.
Cilene Saorin is Brazilian, brewmaster with profesional training in Spain from Madrid’s Technical College and the Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta. She is also beersommelier graduated from Doemens Academy in Germany.
Having more of 20 years of professional experience, she has worked in the brewing sector, brewing supplies development, investigation and as an specialist in beer tasting for one of the world’s major brewing companies. She has worked for Brahma, Petrópolis, Antarctica and AmBev in Brazil and FlavorActiV in the UK, a leading company in the area of beer sensory quality management.

Currently she works in consulting as a brewmaster to the industrial sphere (product and market development, sensory management and articles to technical magazines) and as a beersommelier to the gastronomy sphere (events of tasting and pairing of different beer styles, service management based on the campaign of sophistication of the beer consumption and articles to gastronomy magazines).
Since 2002 she has worked as a teacher of ‘Sensory Management in the Brewing Industry’ in the Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta (Spain). She also is part of the adviser and teacher group of the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo for the course of ‘Technology in Beverages’. She is also the And she responds as Education Director for Doemens Akademie in Brazil and in Spain to the ‘Beer Sommelier Professional Course’.
Co-founder and ex-editor of Beer Life magazine – a Brazilian publication exclusively dedicated to the beer world. And a beer professional taster judge at the World Beer Cup in the United States and the European Beer Star in Germany. She is part of the Associação Brasileira dos Profissionais em Cerveja e Malte team since 1999, and responds as president since 2004. She is also a member of the international committee of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in the UK.

She teaches in the Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta, in Spain, since 2002, in the formation course for brew masters and, since 2010, she teaches as the Education Director of Doemens Akademie in Brazil for the beer sommelier formation course. In 2012 she was part of the teachers group in Siebel Institute of Technology in the United States for the launch of the beer sommelier formation course. Since 2013 he teaches in FGV-SP, in Brazil, in the “Beer Business Administration Course” and she is also a member, since 2011, of the Consulting group in sensory evaluation of Beer, associated to FlavorActiv in England.


Madrid, Spain


unconfirmed                                       Madrid, Spain


undated                                          2020

Gräfelfing, Germany


Doemens Academy, Munich-Gräfelfing


7th to 18th September 2020


  • 100 lessons

  • 16 tastings of more thna 100 brands

  • Raw material tastings

  • 4 Pairings

  • Sensory analysis

  • Training Materials

  • Exam tax, Part I and Part II

  • Coffee break and lunch

  • The cost of the excursions

Graduates who successfully pass exams will receive the “Doemens Beer Sommelier Certificate”

Travel and accommodation expenses (Breakfast and Dinner) aren’t included.


The brochure with all the information of the course, you can download here.

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