Kaspar Schulz

Since 1677 Kaspar Schulz is manufacturing brewery equipment for small and midsized brewery. Since 1984, for over two decades the Company Kaspar Schulz is the Pioneer in the area of small brewhouse and market leader for pub breweries.
Polished copper vessels, the cosy ambience of a brew pub and thje fresh beer in different types brewed right in front of the customer: these are the facts for success of pub breweries worldwide.

Kaspar Schulz has planned, manufactured and successfully put in operation more tan 250 copper and stainless Steel brewhouses all around the world, 5 installations in Spain, and is ready to develop your individual Project too.
Due to the frame construcction it is posible to have a test run in Bamberg for safe and well working equipment and assure the easy transport and a quick installation at site.

Our brewery plants are modular constructed, easily expandable and base don latest construction and production methods in combination with traditional workmanship.
Using high quality components guarantee a trouble-free operation for many years. Installation, setting into operation, training through own personal ensures the customer a package from one source.

As a leading manufacturer of distillation equipment, we supply special units for small distilleries with capacities of 5 to 150 liters. For commercial and sealed distilleries as well as industrial alcohol production, filling capacities range from 150 to 6000 liters.

Kaspar Schulz is the most ancient manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the brewing industry of the world, having more than 325 years of experience. They are specialised in the personalised production of small and midsized installations in a range between 2,5hl and 300hl for each boiling. In the range of pubs and micrebreweries, Kapar Schulz produces equipment that has been completely settled and tested in their studios. Their compromise with quality and service has made the company the top leader in the brewery market in Germany, with more than 250 plants created by Kaspar Schulz.
Each project is completely unique given that Kaspar Schulz designs its brewing machines according to its client’s wishes and necessities.