Wilhelm Eder GmbH

It’s a company from Bad Dürkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, with 25 years of experience, specialized in barrels, fudres, alternatives to the barrel (chips), and works with different woods for the aging and storage of wines, beers, spirits and liquors, and barrels for decoration. Wilhelm Eder has its own barrels workshop, sawmill, and store of 12,000 m 2 Works in the production of new barrels, in the restoration of second-use barrels (jerez, rum, whisky, bourbon, madeira, mezcal, amarone, madeira, porto, marsala, etc, and its alternatives ( chips).

– New barrels: Wilhelm Eder it only works with wood from sustainably managed forests in Germany, such as wood obtained from the Pfälzer Wald (Palatinate Forest).

– Used barrels: Wilhelm Eder recovers barrels from different distilleries and wineries around the world, for reuse. They are subject to strict quality controls before delivery.

– Alternatives to Barrel: Wilhelm Eder offers alternative products to the barrel, such as chips, a modern concept of use and maceration for the wine, beer, alcohol and food industries. Subject to strict quality controls and batch number to ensure perfect traceability.

Webpage: https://www.wilhelm-eder.de/

Wilhelm Eder GmbH